How to keep your Sterling silver Jewellery looking its best!

  • Try to avoid getting your jewellery in direct contact with any chemicals.

  • Make sure to keep your jewellery away from perfume, hairspray and moisturiser. 

  • Avoid wearing your Jewellery in the swimming pool and shower.

  • When not wearing your jewellery keep it safe and out of direct sun

  • Should you wish to clean your silver jewellery, I recommend using a silver polishing cloth which will remove any tarnish.

  • Over time, the elastic on bracelets and rings may stretch slightly and it is recommended that you check your jewellery and get pieces restrung, if necessary. For restringing enquiries, please email:


To fully enjoy any fashion jewellery, you must realise that fashion (costume) jewellery is not meant to last forever. Costume Jewellery is plated brass therefore over time wears away. We at TOMM Jewellery strive to sell high quality, fun, durable, skin friendly fashion jewellery, however the destiny of your jewellery depends on how you care for it and how often it is worn and cleaned.

Keep your jewellery away from the following as much as possible:

Direct Water, excessive sweat, lotion, perfume, hairspray, antibacterial gels or any other harsh chemicals.